COVID 19 Update

Friends and neighbors,

in order to get information out as promptly as possible, we are looking at utilizing this site as a repository for all approved communications. That being said, please find latest situation report on COVID 19.
More to follow,

Bridgeton Emergency Management Coordinator


Update #1: 2 March Noreaster

There are many area roads that are impassable. Please allow time for the storm to subside and for the roads to be cleared. Crews are working as hard as they can. You can see a live map of where the plows are here:
We are getting many reports of road closures in and around the area. The storm is very dynamic – trees and branches can close a road suddenly in front of an behind you. If you must go out, be prepared to be stuck for hours.
DO NOT APPROACH A DOWNED POWERLINE OR A TREE ACROSS THE ROAD! You do not have to touch a downed line for it to kill you!
WIRES DOWN? Report them via phone: Call 1-888-544-4877

River May Reach “Action Stage” – Not Flooding

The Delaware River is forecast to reach “Action Stage” in the next 24 to 36 hours. This DOES NOT MEAN RIVER FLOODING WILL HAPPEN. It means that in exceptionally low areas in the flood plain, you can expect some water over the river banks and that watercraft, recreational equipment stored near river banks,  and docks should be well secured, as there will be high flow rates and debris in the river.

Posted 31 March 2017 08:45 AM


Downed Power Lines & Power Outages

Winter Storm March 14 2017

Winds are picking up. The worst of the storm is happening this morning.

Do not approach downed power lines, ever, even if they look “dead”

Call Met Ed at 1-888-544-4877 to report the situation. 

If there is an immediate threat to life and property, call 9-1-1