Evening Report: Roads still a mess, Stay Home.

As of 7:45 PM, Saturday 23 January, the storm has ended eased.

Roads are still extremely hazardous both from snow and ice under the snow. Bridgeton Hill and Narrows Hill Roads are effectively impassable.

Plow crews will be working through the night to get main roads cleared, secondary roads and back roads will be cleared later.

The main risk at this point is structure collapses from snow load and people having heart attacks while shoveling snow.

We will post a morning update tomorrow and then stand down.



Morning Report: Most Roads in Area Dangerous, High Wind Gusts, Stay Indoors

At about the 1/3 of way through the storm point, Bridgeton Hill road and Narrows Hill Road have been reported to be extremely slippery and dangerous. Heavy trucks and vehicles with chains are able to get through, but automobiles are having problems.  Similar issues all around the area.

If you have any reports on road conditions or something else storm related, please add a comment to this post.

No power outages reported yet – here is the map we use: http://outages.firstenergycorp.com/pa.html

There is a shelter at the Ottsville Fire Company if your heat is out and you need a place to keep warm.

Next scheduled report this evening.

07:45 PM January 2016 Blizzard: Evening Report

We will be posting updates each morning and evening, with more information if the situation warrants.

We will try to limit our posts to information pertaining specifically to Bridgeton Township in Bucks County PA and the immediate surrounding area.

There are Met-Ed crews at the Ottsville Fire Company right now, they will be based there for the duration of this event.  Other utilities have put crews on standby with trucks and equipment and will roll as quickly as possible.

The Bucks County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has indicated that they are ready and have multiple public safety and utility representatives at or soon to arrive at the EOC.

Palisades School District is on standby and ready to operate as a shelter if needed.

If the power is out for a long time for a wide area, we will open the Township building as a charging station for your cell phones.

As the storm intensifies, we may lose access to the internet to update this site. If you have not already done so, sign up right now for Ready Notify PA. http://www.readynotifypa.org/  so you can receive Text Messages  with important emergency information.

We also have a phone number for Bridgeton Township Emergency Management – (484) 823-0047 – you can also send text messages to this number.  Do not use this number for emergencies.  Always call 9-1-1 for emergencies. 

Finally, we would like to ask you to help out. Please feel free to give us situation reports – how deep is the snow where you are? Are there trees down? Are roads plowed or not?  Do you know someone who might need help? Do YOU need help?  Post comments here, or send an email to emc@bridgetontwp.org or give us a call.

Next update is planned for tomorrow morning.



– mtf

22 Jan Snow

Lots of snow coming, blackouts possible.

Please be ready to be stuck indoors, with no electricity, for several days., if the storm is really bad.


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