30 Sept. 11:35 AM – Upcoming Weather: Lots of Rain.

Posted 11:35 AM 30 Sept 2015 

There’s a rather large rain event forming, and there is a small (Cat 1) hurricane way down south in the Bahamas that nobody can accurately predict the track of yet, but many models have it coming up into our area.

The river is very low at the moment, it can take on quite a bit of rain without flooding. Local roads can and do flood in places. Wind is a greater concern, of course, and with wind comes power failures.

Right now would be a great time to run-test your generator under full load, top off any fuel supplies you have, get extra charging cables for your phones if you need them, or figure out your own long-duration power outage plan in case it’s needed.

Bucks County Emergency Management and other agencies are ready with supporting services, equipment and supplies. Met-Ed’s post-Sandy operational model is vastly improved and the logistics of power restoration are much better now than back then.

If you have not already done so, NOW would be a great time to sign up for the ReadyNotify PA Service: http://www.readynotifypa.org/
This will send relevant alerts of your choosing to your email or phone.

20 August 2015: Local Road and Creek Flooding, No River Flooding

Posted 20 August 10:03 PM.

You may have gotten a Flash Flood Warning alert on your phone around 10:00 PM this evening.
This is for Creek and Stream Flooding and local road flooding. There is no threat of river flooding.

Do not drive into flooded roads. Do not drive around barricades.





No Active Advisories At This Time

This page will be updated when needed.

Localized Road Flooding, River Not Forecast to Flood

15 July – 09:27 AM
Your mobile phone may have given you a “Flash Flood Warning” several times this morning.

This is reference to road, creek and stream flooding, not river flooding.

However, if you have a moment, please watch this YouTube video of a small creek flash flooding. It happens very quickly.

This is the specific danger that the weather service is warning of – a small creek can turn into a huge, powerful torrent in a matter of a few moments.

Please don’t drive or walk through flooded roads. Simply take another route or wait until the water goes down.


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