09 FEB 2017 – Morning – Beware of downed power lines!

The risk of power lines falling is increasing as the wind picks up.
Remember that you don’t need to actually touch a downed power line for it to kill you – simply WALKING near it can be deadly.
Learn more and be informed:

31 July – 8AM – Local Creek and Stream Flooding Only

08:29 AM 31 July 2016
The “Flash Flood Warning” you may have just gotten on your phone is for CREEKS AND STREAMS – not the river.
Rains will cause creeks and streams to exceed their banks and may cause them to cover the roads.
Do not drive through flooded roads. The NUMBER ONE CAUSE of drowning deaths in storms is people driving into flooded roads that “didn’t seem that deep.”

No active advisories at this time.

This page will be updated if needed.

9 March 2016 – Fire Operations in the Area – UPDATE #1

There are two active emergency operations scenes in the area as of 3:00 PM

One in the 500 Block of Center Hill Road.

The other is in the area of Red Cliff Road and Lodi Hill Road.

Many water tankers are operating in the area, transporting water from various locations to the scenes.

Please give way to emergency vehicles and stay away from the emergency scenes.