Weather Is Great, River is Low: Good time for Storm Prep

The old saying, “The best time to fix the roof is when it’s not raining” holds true for being prepared for severe weather.

Now’s a great time to make sure your emergency supplies are all up to date and ready to go.

Dig around in first aid kits, toss any expired medications. Make sure you have not “borrowed” anything like batteries from your emergency kits. Replace your 3-day water supply, and if you have a generator that you haven’t used in a while, start it up, let it get a little warm and then change the oil. Remember that gasoline goes bad over time, so you need to keep any gas-powered items fueled only with fresh gas at all times.

If you have a “grab & go bag” give it a once over (especially for the kids).

Finally, make sure you have extra charging cables and car adapters for your devices – these are super-handy in storms.




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