Flood Watch for the Area; River NOT Forecast To Flood

(Updated April 30 06:03) You may have heard about “Flood Watches” for the area. This is a confusing term we’d like to clarify.

A flood watch means that for a very large geographic area it is possible that there could be some kind of flooding. It could be creeks and streams overtopping roads or it could even go so far as river flooding; at the “watch” stage nothing specific is being predicted and the vast majority of the time, nothing major happens.

With the current watch, we are keeping an eye on the rate of rise of the river, which is a good indicator if we’re going to have any problems. We do expect creek flooding and roads will be overtopped in places by runoff. This storm system is going to drop a great deal of rain in a short period of time, but we are not seeing a projection for river flooding.

You can have have a look at the exact same data we are monitoring right here: 

Live data from the NOAA. Reload this page for latest.

In Upper Black Eddy, here are the approximate river levels (as measured in Reiglesville) where things start to happen:

  • About 19-20 feet: River Road at Berm Lane may be covered with water, the end of Trail’s End Lane will get water.
  • About 20-21 feet: River Road at Berm Lane will be covered with water, as will large sections of Trails End
  • About 21-22 feet: All of the above, plus we will get water in the road at Bridgeton Hill Road and River Road
  • From 22-24 feet: All of the above, but more of River Road will be under water

Over 24′ and we start talking about more disruptive flooding, but if you recall, we had three river floods in 2011 that were fairly uneventful, in fact, the flood of 1996, which was a 28.72′ crest, was considered a big deal, while the flood of September 9th 2011 with a 28.06′ crest, seems to have passed with little notice. Residents are far more “flood ready” today than in the early 2000s.

For reference, here are the top 20 Flood Crests for the Delaware, with the six  that have happened in the last 10 years highlighted so you can get a sense of what to expect at various crest levels.

(1) 38.85 ft on 08/20/1955
(2) 35.90 ft on 10/10/1903
(3) 34.07 ft on 04/03/2005
(4) 33.62 ft on 06/29/2006
(5) 32.45 ft on 03/19/1936
(6) 30.95 ft on 09/19/2004
(7) 28.72 ft on 01/20/1996
(8) 28.06 ft on 09/09/2011
(9) 27.50 ft on 05/24/1942
(10) 26.47 ft on 04/01/1940
(11) 25.40 ft on 12/12/1952
(12) 25.20 ft on 03/12/2011
(13) 25.16 ft on 03/16/1986
(14) 25.00 ft on 03/28/1913
(15) 24.51 ft on 08/29/2011
(16) 24.46 ft on 05/30/1984
(17) 24.36 ft on 06/30/1973
(18) 24.17 ft on 04/17/1983
(19) 23.80 ft on 10/16/1955
(20) 22.55 ft on 12/22/1973



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