Thursday Storm Plans: Drama-Free Edition

By now the media hysterics about the potential storm coming Thursday are at a fever pitch.

We’d like to give some information about this storm and how it could affect our area specifically.

Like the last storm, there’s an “ice line” that is basically impossible to predict. Last time, it went a bit south of us – and knocked out the power to 720,000 people,  some of which are still without power. If we get the ice, we lose the lights. If we get just snow, we have a lower risk of widespread power outages, but the weather forecast is for a heavy snow, so some weak trees and limbs will give way.

Roads are, as usual, the main issue. There are a limited number of plows and drivers so don’t expect roads to be cleared continually.

As a result of lessons learned in past storms, Met-Ed has implemented new communications and operations protocols that are excellent and have proven to work very well for our community in last week’s storm, but even with these new protocols, it’s physically impossible to restore power to everyone as quickly as we might like.

Expect power outages, be ready for them now.  A good way to plan is to assume you’ll be stuck in your house for 3 days and think back from there. Fuel, Food, Medications, Batteries, Phone Chargers – all of the usual stuff.  Since so many of our power lines run through inaccessible areas and because of our low population density, it simply takes longer for repair crews to get here and get the work done.

As usual, we’ll be online as much as we can before, during and after the storm and we can help out with specific, non-life safety issues, answer your questions and connect you with help where and how we can. Text (preferred) or call the number shown on the left.

For emergencies, always call 9-1-1.

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