Heavy Rains Will Impact Creeks, Streams and Roads, River should be OK.

The upcoming rains on January 11th 2014  are expected to drop 1″ to 2″ of rain in the area.  Delaware River flooding is NOT in the forecast, but the river is expected to rise pretty quickly and there will be chunks of ice to contend with that could bang up docks and any boats the might be moored.  The quickly rising river will be moving fast and will be hazardous.

For Bridgeton Township, we can expect considerable ice melt runoff and water in the road in the usual places along Rt. 32 between Bridgeton Hill Road and Firehouse Lane, as well as along Ringing Rocks Road.  Expect local creeks to exceed their banks and for all low-lying areas to have ponding water. Driving conditions will be hazardous in places in Bridgeton Township.

The main risk in this storm is the amount of water that can’t sink into the ground due to the past week’s freeze. There will be lots of water looking for a place to go. This would be a really good time to test your sump pump, if you have one.

As usual, we ask that if you see a situation that is an immediate threat to life, property or health that you call 9-1-1.

For other questions about emergency management in Bridgeton Township, please email ema@bridgetontwp.org, text message or call to (484) 823-0199. 


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