Prepare Now Severe Weather Possible Tomorrow (Thursday June 13)

Check your blackout kit, check your sump pumps, start your generators and all that.

We suggest that you also follow our storm prep pro tips, just in case. We’re re-posting them here:

Have a flashlight, have a radio, check batteries in everything, have a “go” bag…etc. etc…

We’re all for the basics, but we’ve learned a few tips and tricks from our community in our own severe weather experiences over the last few years.

Here are some of the lesser-known tips and tricks that can help you out before, during and after a major weather incident.

#1: Go find your insurance policy and write your policy number and claims phone number down and keep it on your person.
You’d be amazed at how many times people have no idea who to call after a storm damaged their home and property.

 #2: Make a Video Inventory BEFORE the storm.
If you own a home, make a video inventory TODAY or TOMORROW – Outside, show your roof, doors, windows, deck, any outbuildings, fences, play equipment – even your driveway and sidewalk. An interior video walk-through of your home should cover your major appliances and systems (furnace, air conditioner) and demonstrate at least that they are physically intact and in use. When you’re done with the video, email it to yourself or upload it somewhere to get a time and date stamp. This video can be used to help with any insurance claim issues later.

#3: Back Up Your Computer.
You’ve been meaning to do this for a long time anyway, and with a big storm coming, there are many more chances for a power surge to kill your computer. Ideally, you should leave your computer off completely unless you have top-notch surge suppression for your power lines. Trees hit wires, wires hit other wires and next thing you know, it’s like you plugged your USB port directly into a wall outlet. Zap. Remember to keep your backup media somewhere safe and dry, ideally not in the same building as the computers you have backed up.

#4: Do all the Laundry.
When the power is out for days on end, there’s plenty of options for food and water. But having clean clothes? That’s tricky. And if the storm does not knock out your power for any significant amount of time, well, is it really so bad to have plenty of clean socks?


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