No River Flooding, Canal Bridge Construction Setback

We’ve gotten a few calls with concerns about the river flooding.

The river crested yesterday (Dec 22 2012) at about 15′ – high, but not high enough to worry about flooding.

River 22 Dec

When the Rieglesville gage gets up around 18-19 feet, that’s when Rt. 32 starts getting water around Berm Lane. 

Unfortunately, the high volume of rain in a short period of time did damage the Canal Bridge construction site, tearing up the large pipes that they were using and causing water to over-top the canal berm just upriver of the construction site. This will undoubtably add time to the construction project. We will get some pictures later today.

As always, we STRONGLY recommend that you subscribe to the Bucks County “Ready Notify” system so you can get email and text message alerts related to emergencies in our area

This free service can call home “landlines” (traditional wired phone service) without your needing to register, but it can not reach mobile phones and email without you registering first. 


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