Power restored at 5:18 PM – Here’s what happened.

Met Ed reported to us that the power to Bridgeton Township was restored at 5:18 PM, with a total outage time of about 6 hours.  Here is what happened.

The substation that feeds power to virtually all of Bridgeton Township is fed from two locations in New Jersey, one near Frenchtown and the other near the Gilbert Power Station.  One of the feeds failed, taking out the substation.  While there was a possibility of line damage somewhere in the state game lands or along woodland drive, ss it turns out, the failure was actually on the New Jersey side of the feed. The problem was a burned disconnect switch, which caused a line to fall.

The switch needed to be replaced and the line re-connected. This was a relatively minor repair.

We hope that you have taken this opportunity to test your blackout readiness plan. It was a good drill.

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