Power Out for 600 Customers in Bridgeton (27 November)

We just got this directly from Met Ed:

The Bridgeton area customers are affected by what appears to be a loss of supply to the Bridgeton Substation. The line is being patrolled  (4 linemen, 1 serviceman and 2 substation workers). It has not been determined whether the problem is on the PA or NJ side of the river. (The Bridgeton sub is feed from NJ). 

A restoration time is not available yet, but will be when the trouble is identified. 

Note: The Bridgeton Substation is located on Chestnut Ridge Road, and it is fed by lines coming over via Lodi Hill Road and also via a route across the State Game Lands and along Woodland Drive.

Here are the routes  that the crews have to walk to find the problem:


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