No storms, power’s on: A perfect time to get ready for the next big storm.

With things around here getting back to normal, it’s easy to forget just how miserable the weeks after Superstorm Sandy were. But now is the time to get a few things ready, because, as we’ve said before, blackouts won’t get any shorter, so be ready

Did you sign up for Ready Notify PA yet so your mobile phone can get important alerts?

Do you have a generator? Now you know how much fuel you really need to run it – do you have a 3 day supply of fresh gas? You can buy 5 gallon cans now, they are back in stock. 

Don’t have a generator? What’s your plan for next time? Do you at least have a car charging cable for your mobile phone? Do you have indoor-safe heating options? If you have no option to keep the house warm and plan to leave in case of a long term blackout, do you know how to close up your home so your pipes won’t freeze and burst? If not, see this page for key steps. 

Did you get trees trimmed? This is a great time to get trees trimmed and cleared from your property – especially that huge, scary tree that didn’t blow onto your house last time. Pay very close attention to Ash trees – many of them are diseased in this area. 

If you need help with your own emergency planning, let us know. Send an email to emc@bridgetontwp,org or call us at 484-823-0199 


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