Power Restoration Update: SO Very Close

We were just driving around in Upper Black Eddy and we visited with the several crews that are working in the area. At 2PM, poles had been restored in the 1400 block of River Road, additional line work was underway along Singley Road, and a crew was working in the Philips Concrete Plant, working on a line that goes along the hill. These are nearly the last of the repairs to the area, and they will safety check and then finalize the work…IF all goes well….the lights will be on soon.

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  • susan hollenbeck  On 05/11/2012 at 4:20 PM

    Hope that includes Upper Tinicum Ch Rd between Lodi Hill and Jugtown Hill Rds! We are near Red Cliff but I have not seen any trucks

    • Bridgeton Twp. EMA  On 05/11/2012 at 4:26 PM

      Susan, indeed, it does include your area. We have learned much of the intricacies of the power system in our area, and basically, the area up on the ridge and the village of Upper Black Eddy are both sourced (mostly) from the same substation – so they have to fix the stuff way down in the concrete plant before they can safely energize stuff up by you. If you’re on a generator, bear in mind that you might not even realize that the power is back on – some areas that had power restored last night still had people calling in the morning reporting outages – because they hadn’t checked to see if their utility feed was on or not!

      We know this is a bad experience, and we know it’s hard to be patient, especially after all of these days, but we hope you understand that there’s as many resources as we can get on this, and that the electric company would like to start making money again from spinning electric meters.

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