Power Restoration Update: Lots of Details

Today, we met with the president of Met-Ed to go over the situation in Bridgeton Township, specifically Upper Black Eddy.

This is a long update, and we hope that those of you who are able to get online can share with those who can’t.

We are still hoping for Monday evening restoration for many, and Wednesday for most.

The Power Grid and Upper Black Eddy

Power to the Upper Black Eddy area comes from two places – one is a feeder from the Frenchtown area – this goes to a substation on Chestnut Ridge Road. The other is from another New Jersey location at the Gilbert Power Plant, upriver in the general vicinity of the Indian Rock Inn.

In both cases, the feeder lines that come into the area pass through heavily wooded areas, and trees down on the lines are very hard to get to.

The map shows the general path the lines take – one via the State Game Lands and the areas around Woodland Drive, the other up the valley along Lodi Hill Road.

In both cases, simply getting to the wires to see the damage requires forestry equipment to clear the way, and then moving in repair supplies and crews presents another challenge.

At this time, there are crews attempting to access the area as needed to effect repairs. This area represents the last and greatest challenge that Met-Ed faces to get power on in Upper Black Eddy.



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