Power Restoration News, Get Supplies at the High School

Power Restoration

They are making progress on power restoration. Crews are working from various substations on out (for example, the Ferndale and Ottsville substations) and they will first take care of the main lines, and then follow with the “radials” – the lines that feed individual properties.  There are literally hundreds of workers in the area – you might not see them where you are, but we assure you that they are in the area and working 16 hour + shifts.

Remember that every day that the power is out costs the power utility money, so it is in their interest to get the power on as soon as possible. The scale of this outage is unprecedented, requiring not only more people and apparatus than ever before, it also requires replacement equipment of all kinds, and given the scope of the damage, these supplies need to be shipped in from a long distance.

Get Your Supplies at the High School

You should take advantage of the free supplies at the Palisades High school. There are coolers, trash bags, tarps, rakes, shovels, ready-to-eat meals and much more. These are emergency supplies and are useful not only now during this emergency, but also to prepare for the next. We strongly recommend that all households and businesses stock and maintain a dedicated and ample supply of emergency water, food and equipment separate from your day-to-day supplies. The person you may be helping next may very well be yourself – if a storm like this happened in winter, think of the implications for your own situation and plan accordingly.

As always, please call or preferably text  Bridgeton Township at 610-440-3316 for matters related to emergency planning.

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