A few tips before the heaviest part of the storm hits

Here we go – we’re experiencing the “banding” effects of the storm now – rain and then no rain – that’s to be expected, and the wind is picking up.

We seem to be in good shape for river flooding – but certainly creek and stream flooding will happen and roads will be deep with water.

As a reminder, here’s what happens to cars that drive into water on the road (this picture was taken at rt. 611 and Rt. 32 during one of the 2011 floods)

The wind will take out branches and trees, and with them power lines, phone lines and cable TV lines.

Remember to leave your phone plugged into a charger at all times now, that way you’re not using battery power now that you’ll want later.

Texting is better than calling for battery life and overall reliability. If you’re using an iPhone, turn off iMessage and use plain text messaging to save battery and for more reliable messaging.

The emergency management number for Bridgeton Township  610-440-3316 – is a mobile number that can receive text messages. You can send a question via text message and we’ll respond ASAP. This will be the best way to reach us if the power is out.

We will be setting up a charging station at the Fire Company if it looks like power will be out for a long time.

We will have drinking water available TOMORROW AFTERNOON via the Upper Black Eddy Fire Company at at the Bridgeton Township Building.

Please send photos of any flooding or damage to emc@bridgtontwp.org – we’re putting together an album of information about this storm.



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