Evening Update – October 28, 2012

We’ve just returned from a meeting of local, state, and federal emergency officials, as well as representatives from Met-Ed. The consensus view is that the biggest risk in this storm is going to be wind related. We can expect long duration power outages, as well as road blockages from fallen trees.

There is an emergency shelter in operation at the Palisades High School. It is fully equipped with food, cots, and sanitary facilities. There are limited provisions for individuals who are bedridden and require special medical care, so these people should have their care givers stay at the shelter with them.

Good news for pet owners: You can bring your pet to the shelter. Animals will be kenneled by the Bucks County Animal Rescue Team (B-CART). There is a possibility that pets may need to be moved to another facility, however rest assured that they will be cared for.

Road flooding will definitely be an issue. Avoid going out if you don’t have to. For recorded information call 484-823-0199. To speak with Bridgeton Township Emergency Management call 610-440-3316. Please email pictures of any damage to emc@bridgetontwp.org

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