Canal Bridge Closure: Important Information for the Community

In October, the Canal Bridge on Bridgeton Hill Road near the Homestead General Store will be removed and it will take from 10 months  to a year to be replaced. This will negatively affect the area in many ways including the delivery of emergency services.

What you should do right now to prepare.

1.  Register your mobile phone and email address with the Ready Notify system ( Ready Notify is the primary system used for emergency alerts and communications. If you have not yet registered with the Ready Notify system you should do it today. If you know someone who has a mobile phone but is not comfortable using the internet, consider helping them out by registering them.

2.  Be ready to evacuate for flooding where you might not have needed to before. Plan now for where you might go if you needed to leave the area for a few days while the waters are high. Plan at least two routes to get to your safe location, including a route via New Jersey.

WHY you need to do this.

Access to the village of Upper Black Eddy will be only via River Road (Rt. 32) and the Upper Black Eddy-Milford Bridge.  There will be an increase in response time for all emergency services.

We are mainly concerned with the effects of this closure during high water and flood situations, although it will be disruptive in many other ways.

As you know, a “high water” event – not a flood – on the Delaware River results in River Road being blocked at Berm Lane.  A minor flood also closes River Road at Bridgeton Hill Road.  This will result in the only access to and from the village of Upper Black Eddy being via New Jersey.

There are three main areas of concern in the event of river road being blocked by water at both Berm Laneand Bridgeton Hill Road.

1.    Lack of Ambulance Service: We cannot call on New Jersey based ambulances, as they are not permitted to operate in Pennsylvania. 

2.    Unable to Access Routine & Scheduled Medical Care: For people who have in-home care or who have regular medical care appointments, access to and from the area will be stopped, except via New Jersey.

3.    Limited Ability to Evacuate the Area: Once Rt. 32 is covered at Berm lane and Bridgeton Hill Road, the only evacuation route will be via the Milford-Upper Black Eddy Bridge, and a return route back to Pennsylvania may not be available.

Working together our township can be as safe as possible for all of our residents.

Help us to help you by planning in advance. If you have any questions, want more information or have a great idea that you’d like to share, please contact us!


Bridgeton Township Emergency Management

Office/Mobile: 610-440-3316

Skype @bridgetonemc Primary

Twitter @bridgetonema



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