Rt. 611 Open, Important Preparedness Reminder

Here is  run down a few things we learned in yesterday’s propane truck accident, maybe it will help you if something like that happens in Bridgeton Township.

To recap: A propane truck was in an accident, flipped and caught fire. Due to the explosion risk, an evacuation was ordered for a 1 mile radius around the truck. People being evacuated had ZERO minutes to prepare to leave. The Bridgeton Township EMA helped Nockamixon Township and Tinucum Township operate the shelter.

We have a few important reminders about the rare emergency mandatory evacuation situation.

First of all, there’s no facility for pets at an emergency shelter. Some folks were (rightfully) worried about their pets, and all we can say to that issue is that if you want to bring your pets in an evacuation situation, you’ll have to go somewhere other than the evacuation center. We simply have no way to accomodate pets, but we’re always open to zero-cost ideas.

Secondly, keep all your prescription medications in a single location, ideally some kind of box, and keep copies of your current prescriptions in/near that box. We had a few “go back and get my medication” runs – but that may not always be possible if the emergency situation does not permit return to the area (for example, if there was a toxic gas release).

Finally, and it’s really important, get a backpack or duffle bag or suitcase or something and fill it as if you were staying overnight at a friend’s place for the weekend in the winter time in Vermont. Include everything you’d need in the bag, excepting prescriptions. Throw some reading material in there too. Some cash won’t hurt. And reading glasses if you need them. And a mobile phone charger. Maybe a deck of cards. Put that bag somewhere that you can get to it, but not where you’ll pick stuff out of it “for now” and forget to put it back.

We call this a “Go Bag” and not only is it great for this situation, it’s great if you suddenly have a desire to visit a friend in the winter in Vermont for the weekend and don’t want to pack. If this incident had gone into an overnight situation, people in the shelter would have been lacking many basic items.

Consider one of these or create your own, one per person in the house and your pets might like a go bag of their own, since they aren’t coming to the shelter:

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