Regarding Water Testing

On our Facebook page, the following question was asked:

Is there information about getting our neighbor’s water tested? There are many residents who should have their wells tested. (We have a UV light, but many do not know, NOT to drink until it is tested.) Our private water guy said not to drink it with ground water contamination from septic systems & treatment plants. In the past the township was helpful in this area:

Our reply: 

We have requested water testing kits from the Bucks County Department of Health, however, if these kits become available, it will not be until next week some time. If your wellhead was over-topped by floodwaters, you should avoid drinking your well water until it is tested. There is a large supply of free bottled drinking water at the Upper Black Eddy Fire Company – we dropped it off this morning. There is another large supply at the Bridgeton Township building. Please take a few cases if you have any doubts about your well, and PLEASE let others who do not use Facebook or the internet know about the free water. If the water supplies are running low call 610-440-3316 and we’ll get more. 

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