Last September 7-10 Flood Message

The River Road is now fully open throughout Bridgeton Township.

We have done an initial damage assessment in the community and have seen no instances of major damage to private or municipal property.

  • There are several homes that experienced “moderate” damage due to significant water in the basement and first floor.
  • There were no reported casualties.
  • There were no reports of damage to the canal.
  • There were two reports of trespassing on private property and there were numerous complaints about excessive traffic in the area.
  • The Upper Black Eddy Fire Company completed several pump-outs of homes.

The Bridgeton Township Emergency Management Agency has deployed water supplied to the Upper Black Eddy Fire Company and the Bridgeton Township Building. If you or someone you know had flood waters over your wellhead, we recommend that you take and use this bottled water until your well has been tested as safe. We are attempting to get water testing kits from the Bucks County Department of Health, however, if and when these become available, it will not be until next week some time – we have no timetable. We strongly recommend well testing by a competent lab.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments about this incident or anything else pertaining to emergency preparedness and management in Bridgeton Township, please come visit the Upper Black Eddy Fire Company tomorrow, Sunday September 11th, at the firehouse breakfast from 7:30 AM to 11:30AM. If you can’t make the breakfast, feel free to email ( or call 610-440-3316.

We will be updating the River/Bridge hotline (484-823-0199) one last time – we may not be using this number for future incidents, but we definitely WILL be promoting a “hotline” number again if we have an incident. We got over 230 calls to the hotline over the course of this event, we hope it was helpful to you.

As always, please forward or print this message out for anyone who does not have internet access.

This concludes the River Flood Incident for September 7-10 2011 and is our last incident related message.

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