New crest 30 feet early tomorrow; River Rd. closed; Milford bridge currently open

The River Road at Bridgeton Hill Road is currently flooded. “Road Closed” signs are in short supply throughout the county and are being brought in, however not all flooded roadways are currently marked. Please use extreme caution when driving this morning and DO NOT enter flooded roadways. Water may be much deeper than it appears and pose a dangerous situation. The Milford bridge is currently open via Singley & Firehouse Lanes, but may be closed as waters rise higher. The river is expected to crest at approximately 2:00 AM Friday, September 9th at a level of 30 feet. This will be a moderate to major stage flood on par with the flood of September 2004.

To report a flooded roadway, please call the Bridgeton Emergency Management Coordinator at 610-440-3316. To hear up to date flooding and road closure information call 484-823-0199 (that’s 484-UBE-0199)

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  • JR  On 08/09/2011 at 12:57 PM

    At what river level in Rieglesville corresponds to closing the Milford bridge? I know the PA approach floods and becomes impassable.

    • bridgetonema  On 08/09/2011 at 1:07 PM

      There is no “trigger height” to close the Milford Bride. The Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission has published information about reasons access to a river bridge may be restricted. It is at this web site: and we have copied a part of that site here:
      Closures of vehicular bridges occur for the following reasons (in order of prevalence):

      Inundation of approach roadways – This often occurs when the river or nearby streams overflow their banks and inundate the approach roadways to the Commission’s older truss bridges. While the bridge may be entirely operational, there is no way for the public accessing the bridge due to road closures by local, county or state officials.

      Large pieces of floating debris in the river – This can occur when large structures like a portion of a house or an untethered watercraft of notable size floats downstream in raging river waters. As a precautionary measure, a bridge may need to be closed until the threat passes.

      Accumulation of floating debris at a bridge – Should the river rise high enough, debris swept into the river from shorelines and communities upstream can begin to pile up in front of bridge piers and even the bridge deck. This can have a damming effect, forcing closure of a bridge for safety reasons.

      Finally, if flooding reaches an extremely high level, the water itself can pose a danger to the integrity of a bridge deck. These are extremely rare occurrences, but the Commission would need to close such a bridge to traffic for reasons of public safety.

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