Mid-Day Update: The Electricity Situation

We have been trying to get firm information regarding full restoration of power in the area.

At this time, we are getting estimates of FRIDAY for FULL restoration.

These are estimates only, and as they continue to try to repair the damage, these estimates may change for the better or worse.

Some areas have been restored, however, they are intermittently shutting down restored sections of the power grid for hours or days in order to facilitate the safe restoration of power to larger feeder lines.

We can assure you that literally every possible effort is being made to restore power to the area. The electric utility workers have been out non-stop since Sunday, and they are exhausted and doing their best to allow us to get our lives back to normal.

Upper Black Eddy, in particular, has a very large number of customers without power, per this figure captured from the First Energy web site:

Here is the web site that has outage information: https://www.firstenergycorp.com/outages/outages.do?state_code=PA


To conclude with a little good news, we have requested a crew from PENN-DOT to come inspect River Road at Berm lane and begin the cleanup process so that we can re-open all of River Road soon, possibly even today. We’ll send a “Ready Notify PA” alert in addition to the usual web site/facebook/twitter/email alerts if and when we re-open the road.

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