End of Incident: Hurricane Irene

This will be our last update related to the Hurricane Irene incident of August 2011.

River Road is re-opened, and cleanup along the road will be taking place over the course of the next few days.

Power is gradually being re-established, however, full restoration will take time, with estimates for Friday being the most plausible for completion of this massive effort.

There were no reported casualties or significant property damage reported aside from a vehicle that was abandoned on Rt. 32 after the driver went around two road closed signs and splash-landed in the water near the corner of Bridgeton Hill Road and Rt. 32. 

Although it’s not the sort of expertise one wants, the residents of Bridgeton Township have become quite expert in flood preparedness. This is the third river flood of 2011, hopefully it will be the last.

In approximately two weeks, we will be holding a public meeting, at a location to be determined (probably the firehouse). We will deliver a mercifully short presentation about this incident,  and we invite everyone and anyone with ideas, questions and concerns about emergency management in Bridgeton Township to come and participate. 

We are seeking volunteers to help out with emergency management planning when there are no active alerts, and we need people to help with communications and planning, especially during incidents. 

– end of incident “Hurricane Irene” –

Bridgeton Township Emergency Management
(610) 440-3316 (mobile)
Twitter: @bridgetonema
Skype: bridgetonema

– end of message –

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