Afternoon Update: 28 August 2011

No significant changes to report at this time. Winds continue to cause power outages throughout the area, and the river crest forecast has been slightly reduced to 29′ for tomorrow (Monday). We have recommended evacuation for a limited number of homes along the river because we expect River Road to become impassible once water is in the road (which may start to happen once the live river data shows about 19′ at Reiglesville). This will prevent emergency responders from reaching certain homes along the river.

A drive-through tour of Bridgeton Township revealed no major damage, however there is a very large tree blocking Chestnut Ridge Road and there are many large branches down in the entire area.

At last check, all of the Boro of Milford was without power, and residents there are being pumped out from the flash flood of the creek.

We are seeking photos of interest for this incident. Please email them to

We highly recommend the use of the free “Twitter” service to ensure that you get messages to your mobile phone in the event of an emergency situation in Bridgeton Township.

All Twitter does is “broadcast” a text message from a single sender to any number of “Followers” (which are basically subscribers). Thus, if you “follow” the Bridgeton EMA on Twitter, when we send very short updates (they have to be under 140 characters) these will be received on your mobile phone as a text message.

The Bridgeton EMA twitter account is @bridgetonema

You can set up an account with Twitter at

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