Update: Morning – 27 August 2011


The latest forecast is for a 27′ crest early Monday. The forecast is bouncing all over the place and we can only assume that we’re going to have some level of flooding, but we really don’t know how much.
Based on the current 27′ forecast, this would be a “moderate” flood – but it would be in the “top 10” of the current crest records. For reference the September 2004 flood was 30.95 feet, and the big flood of April 2005 was 34.07 feet.
Winds will be variable, but not hurricane strength. That said they will be strong (30MPH) and gusty, and as some of the television reporters might have mentioned, this could cause power outages from falling trees.
– River road (Rt. 32) will likely be closed from the Upper Black Eddy Bridge to Frenchtown and from Bridgeton Hill Road to Narrows Hill Road. Note that the closure from Bridgeton Hill Road to Narrows Hill Road is only to accomodate localized flooding in River Road at the intersection of 32. All of River Road from Narrows Hill Road to the Canal Bridge is expected to remain accessible to local travel.
– As usual, virtually all of Trails’ End will flood into the road at least and into yards at the upriver side.
– We also expect that there will be considerable creek and stream flooding. High Falls Creek – at the intersection of Bridgeton Hill Road and Ringing Rocks Road could be an area where the roads may need to be closed, as with Falls Creek where it crosses Ringing Rocks Road (about mid-way from Bridgeton Hill Road to Narrows Hill Road.
Aside from “the usual” for floods (pick up everything in the yard, move stuff up higher, etc.) this event comes with the possibility of long term power outages and communications problems. In short – don’t think that a cell phone will be any good if the lights stay out for 3 days – the cell tower sites may not have backup power and even if they do, the lines that connect them to the phone system at large may be down for a while.
Flashlights and Spare batteries are a must, and car chargers are a great way to top up a cell phone when the lights are out.
Since we’re all on well water, it would be a great idea to fill empty soda bottles with water for drinking supplies, and consider filling some buckets or a tub with water so you can flush the toilet without running your well tank down.
Note that if you have a generator DO NOT connect it to your home wiring unless you install a transfer switch so you don’t accidentally feed electricity back up the wires and out to the downed lines – a very hazardous situation.
Get any prescriptions you need now.
We’re here to help if you have questions.
Next update this evening, or if conditions warrant we’ll issue a special notice before then.
Expect updates tomorrow morning and evening as well.

Bridgeton Township Emergency Management Agency

610-440-3316 (mobile)
@bridgetonema on Twitter
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