Hurricane Irene: Minor River Flooding Expected, Extensive Power Outages Possible

We have just checked on the NOAA Advanced Hydrological Predication Site (link) and they are currently forecasting a 23.7′ River Level for Monday Morning at 10AM.

Areas affected will be:

– All of Trail’s End

– River Road between Berm Lane and Frenchtown Bridge (will be closed off at some point, likely Sunday)

Additionally, expect trees and large branches down with the potential for long-duration power outages (72+ hours) and local road closures.


– Be ready. Have prescriptions, food and water to get through at least three days, plus batteries, flashlights & something to read. A big tarp is useful if a tree limb damages your roof)

– Help out. If you know people who aren’t using the internet, please pass this information on to them.
Give us a call or email if you have information about a situation that’s getting dangerous – a canal breech starting, a tree leaning heavily over the road, a rockslide into the road, etc. (Call 9-1-1 for urgent emergencies, don’t call us!)

– Stay informed. We have LOTS of ways to keep in touch with the Bridgeton Township Emergency Management Agency.

By Phone (Voice and Text Messages): 610-440-3316
Web Site:
Facebook: Bridgeton Township Bucks County Emergency Management (just search for us)
Twitter: @bridgetonema
Skype: bridgetonema

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