Hurricane Irene Preparations

The track of the storm shows that we’re going to get a very wet, rainy weekend at least, and depending on how things develop, it may be quite windy as well.

Key risks in our area from this storm are:

– Localized Road Flooding from overflowing creeks and streams

– Trees in the road, associated with hazardous downed wires

– Power outages lasting 48+ hours

River Levels are currently low and we’re not seeing any forecasts for river flooding, but as with any hurricane, there can be changes to the forecast in the 6 hours leading to landfall.

We have been in contact with our counterparts in other Townships and with local authorities. The Upper Black Eddy Fire Company is “all set” for the storm.  We will be using this site for official updates. If you need to reach us for any reason, see the “Contact” page.



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