River Flood: Morning Update – River Rd. Still Closed @ Berm Lane & Bridgeton Hill Rd.

If you have questions, please enter a comment and it will be answered ASAP or use the “Contact Bridgeton EMA” page.
If there is an immediate emergency situation, please call 9-1-1.

Current Situation (7AM, Saturday 12 March 2011):

  • The River crested last night at 25.2′, which was 3.2′ over flood stage. This was not a large flood event. Live data is below.
  • We closed River Road from Narrows Hill Road to Firehouse Lane. We don’t expect to re-open these roads until this afternoon at the earliest.  Rt. 32 @ Bridgeton Hill Road will open first.
  • The River Road is closed for a large area, despite no water on the majority of the road. We have to do this because we have to divert traffic at an intersection before the high water.
    Below is a map of where the flooding actually is (shown in blue). You can’t drive through the water in those places, it’s too deep, so if you need to turn LEFT at Bridgeton Hill Road & River Road, it’s better to go around via Narrows Hill Road. You can’t get to Frenchtown via Rt. 32 right now.
  • To prevent a traffic mess, we implemented a Detour Notice at Bridgeton Hill Road at Chestnut Ridge Road
  • We hope that people can send us pictures of the flood progress so for future incidents we have better information about when it is necessary and appropriate to close area roads.

Here’s the live data feed from the NOAA Advanced Hydrological Prediction Service:

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  • Marc Elliott  On 12/03/2011 at 10:53 AM

    Hi – On monday I’ll send you photos I took Friday on River Road and at the corner of Bridgeton Hill & River Roads – took the pictures every hour and maybe you can match the time of day to the reports from the river gauge – and you guys did a great job on Friday – thanks. Marc Elliott

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