River Flood: Evening Update – River still in road @ Berm Lane, Almost clear @ Bridgeton Hill Rd.

If you have questions, please enter a comment and it will be answered ASAP or use the “Contact Bridgeton EMA” page.
If there is an immediate emergency situation, please call 9-1-1.

Current Situation (6PM, Saturday 12 March 2011):

  • The river is draining our very slowly, and the route southbound on River Road between Upper Black Eddy and Uhlerstown (Frenchtown Bridge) still has significant ponding, as a result, it is still closed.
  • We have still closed River Road from Narrows Hill Road to Firehouse Lane.
    At the current rate of fall, we do not expect to re-open River Road south of Upper Black Eddy until very late this evening, and then only if the mud on the road is not a hazard.
  • We hope that people can send us pictures of the flood progress so for future incidents we have better information about when it is necessary and appropriate to close area roads. When sending pictures, please include the date, time and location of the pictures.

Here’s the live data feed from the NOAA Advanced Hydrological Prediction Service. Berm Lane at Rt. 32 floods at about 19′ :

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