River Road Closure Expected Friday, More…

River Road Should Be Closed @ Berm Lane on Friday
Based on the current forecast (see below) we expect that by the morning of Friday March 12th, we will have to close River Road in the vicinity of Berm Lane. This will affect northbound and southbound traffic. We expect this closure to be in effect all day Friday, or until river levels drop below about 19 feet at Rieglesville.

We Need Pictures of the Flood Stages!
In an effort to better provide forecasting and enhance the simulation data we get from the National Weather Service, we are seeking photographs of the progression of the rising Delaware. Ideally, the images would be a series of pictures, with a fixed object in view (such as the river bridge) taken from a fixed location, at 15 minute intervals as the river comes up and goes down.  The idea is to collect a more accurate set of impact data points so we can minimize community disruption in river flood events. Please email pictures to emc@bridgetontwp.org
Most recent data (Live feed from NOAA site)

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  • Carolyn Dorsett  On 10/03/2011 at 11:29 AM

    How does this compare with past floods, i.e., 2006. Will the river flood into the town of Frenchtown?

    • bridgetonema  On 10/03/2011 at 12:00 PM

      We do not handle Frenchtown, we’re a municipality in Bucks County PA, and even here, we can not make any predictions.

      That said, we look at the same river charts you see here on the site – we don’t have a secret bunker full of data screens we don’t disclose to the public (although that would be cool!) – and we act based on what we know at the time. We even watch TV weather stations, just like everyone else. The crest projection at the moment is nothing like the largest floods – which were:

      Historical Crests for Delaware River at Riegelsville
      (1) 38.85 ft on 08/20/1955
      (2) 35.90 ft on 10/10/1903
      (3) 34.07 ft on 04/03/2005
      (4) 33.62 ft on 06/29/2006
      (5) 32.45 ft on 03/19/1936
      (6) 30.95 ft on 09/19/2004
      (7) 28.72 ft on 01/20/1996
      (8) 27.50 ft on 05/24/1942
      (9) 26.47 ft on 04/01/1940
      (10) 25.40 ft on 12/12/1952
      (11) 25.16 ft on 03/16/1986
      (12) 25.00 ft on 03/28/1913
      (13) 24.46 ft on 05/30/1984
      (14) 24.36 ft on 06/30/1973
      (15) 24.17 ft on 04/17/1983
      (16) 23.80 ft on 10/16/1955
      (17) 22.55 ft on 12/22/1973
      (18) 22.38 ft on 01/28/1996
      (19) 21.66 ft on 04/02/1993
      (20) 20.33 ft on 10/02/2010
      (21) 18.35 ft on 10/30/2003
      (22) 17.66 ft on 04/15/1994

      Source: http://water.weather.gov/ahps2/crests.php?wfo=phi&gage=rgln4

      Hope that helps.

      Bridgeton Township EMA

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